terrorismo-160718161805A new center of Simulation and military training: linked to the new special intervention techniques in case of terroristic attack. Founded and inaugurated by STE SpA, specialized in airport security (over 300 in the world) for over 30 years on the national and international market.

The Italian Army, compelled by the new operational scenarios and consequent need for modernization of operational and technical training, has been investing for some years in innovative technological solutions, especially in the light of recent terroristic attacks. These solutions include systems based on live, virtual and constructive simulation techniques.

In fact, thanks to the growing power of hardware, simulation systems offer a greater match with reality, allowing to effectively train staff and analyze their reactions even when facing extreme conditions, found only in the operating theater.

But what does “Military Simulation” mean?

Simulation means: creation of a model. The more or less faithful imitation (dependent on the quality) of a real system: allowing to assess and predict the unfolding of events arising from the presence of certain conditions difficult to reproduce in real environments.

In the military, there are different types of simulation:

LIVE – when real subjects act in real environments with real instruments but simulated effects;

VIRTUAL – when real subjects act in simulated environments with simulated instruments;

CONSTRUCTIVE – when simulated subjects operate in simulated environments with simulated instruments.

In this context, STE has provided an innovative C-IED Training System (Counter Improvised Explosive Device) for the training and education of staff in contrast to the IED threat (Improvised Explosive Device) in safe and highly realistic environment. This is certainly a big step forward because terror 3.0 is often in this form this major danger.

IEDs in fact represent, in most cases, the primary weapon for anyone who carries out guerrilla actions or terroristic attacks, allowing to counteract with great effect well-armed and equipped departments, focusing on the psychological effect that these have on the military.

This new modernization and efficiency improvement activity is signed by STE S.p.A., a completely Italian company with decades of experience in the field of ITC and Cyber ​​Security. For several years, STE has also been operating in the field of Training & Simulation, providing Administration’s Defense capabilities of System Integrators in the realization of a set of live type training systems and platforms for virtual applications, using exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s biggest players in the industry such as Cubic Global Defense and Bohemia Interactive Simulation.

The beating heart of the first and innovative Italian CTC center (Combat Training Center) is located in the training area of ​​San Giorgio in Brunico: here exercises and tactics are monitored in real time by analysts via live video feeds. Simulations include both the 2D format on the geo-referenced map of the training area and the 3D one using the so-called avatars and video streaming provided by cameras installed throughout the area. With this system, instructors may also remotely intervene during exercises modifying for example training scenarios with the introduction of new possible threats.

“We are particularly proud to have contributed to the creation of this Center,” says the CEO of STE S.p.A., Emanuele Burali d’Arezzo, “especially for the techniques and cutting-edge technologies we used which place it as a true flagship for the Armed Forces, leading the way for a safer, more efficient and effective training.”