STE has been paying a great effort in designing Smart Applications to respond the challenges associated with sustainable development and to improve the quality of life in the urban environment.

smart-graphAll applications are designed by STE to fulfill the needs associated to different elements. They can work autonomously, for specific tasks, or integrated within an Supervision & Control Centre providing an integrated picture where all data from the individual applications are enriched by additional information resulting from their analysis and correlation. The complexity and the number of applications for any solution are tailored according to the required functionalities that in the broadest sense meet a comprehensive SMART City concept.

Energy Management solutions (ISO 50001 compliant applied to buildings, industrial plants and infrastructures is a key area of expertise where STE provides

Engineering services to assess the current energy balance of the building/assets and to estimate of costs and achievable savings Design, development and implementation of effective energy management systems

STE provides iLights both for internal and urban applications allowing Installations/Retrofit for most of the lamps formats with high efficiency dimmerable LED technology

Built in sensors with extra socket for additional ones and output for digital control
Inputs for external temperature, light and presence sensors for more accurate reading